DSC00285Welcome to the Food Nutter page. This blog was created because I love food and my friends call me the Food Nazi. I thought that Nazi was a bit too strong as a name for this page, so chose to go for “Nutter”.

I do not like shopping, but do spend a lot of cash on food ingredients. My heart bleeds for the Brits who rarely take time to ENJOY and appreciate what is in their plate. I believe that, if you take the time to cook your food, you MUST also take the time to enjoy it. Yes, and I do. My lunch break is one hour and I use it to EAT if I have prepared lunch. If I can eat with my eyes, there are chances that I might enjoy its taste.

I often cook unplanned meals with stuff I find in my cupboard. The combos are not always tested and tried so, I might like it but you might not.

I am also keen to try some ingredients that you might want to try so, send me your list and we’ll see what we can come up with. You can also tweet me @f00dnutter that is f, zero zero, d, nutter. Thank you for visiting the blog.

The Nutter in Chief. 🙂

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